Baja Blue

Baja Blue
Bluetrue sky of the Korokoro Hills

About this Blog

Like many others, I both love and am deeply concerned about this beautiful world.

Almost two years ago, after a lengthy stint of the "working-too-long-hours" approach that had become my standard practice, I was surprised to wake up on a gurney in an ambulance, after an early morning flight to Halifax -- having apparently suffered a seizure and lengthy period of unconsciousness in a little airport art gallery.

During the next year, I continued to work, as best I could, and with generous support from others.  But my head felt like it was full of sand, and I knew I was doing a disservice to my health, myself and my colleagues. Then an amazing thing happened: I was provided with the opportunity to join my husband on a year-long sabbatical to far-off places.  For me, this created the opportunity to rest, recover, and embark on a journey of both healing and discovery.

Once out in the world, I found I was drawn in two, seemingly opposed directions: inward, on a path of self-discovery and healing, and outward, to the beauty all around, and what I believe is in need of deep and urgent healing across the planet.

This blog represents the quiet, perhaps somewhat odd amalgam of those journeys.  Part "great self help books I have discovered" and "ode to amazing places in the world", it is, at core, part of my response to Mary Oliver's great, pointed question to us all, about how to love this world.

I am grateful to the healers, and offer these posts, with gratitude and appreciation, as my prayer and offering to the sages and sacred places, wherever they may be, across this big, wide, beautiful world.

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