Baja Blue

Baja Blue
Bluetrue sky of the Korokoro Hills

About Me

For the longest time, I left this section blank: a big, white space where the "About Me" section should have been, because it's difficult, and almost frightening, to really look into our hearts and declare with honesty and openness who we are to the world.

I'm still riding that fear-monster today.  But, with the help of gentle and generous self-help guides, I am trying to look inside and both own, declare (and even love) who I am.  So, this is my attempt, after many months, to do just that.

I am the set of adjectives that define many of us in this world: a wife, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, and one-woman full-on cheering squad for everyone and everything I love and believe in and hold dear in this world.

I am privileged to work with and support amazing young people, to help them discover and achieve their dreams.  And I hope that I am a supporter of, and advocate, for both those young people, and the planet.  

I love deeply, laugh loudly and often (especially at myself), work too hard, wear my heart on my sleeve, worry about people I love, and the planet, dance (likely inadvisedly) with abandon, garden without even always knowing what I am planting, apologize often, sometimes take bold risks, and have experienced both deep joys, and long nights of the soul -- wandering once for more than a decade in the deep grief that deep love sometimes creates.

I am a poet-at-heart, adventurer-at-heart, and global citizen.  
And sometimes, (this being one of those times), I get little glimpses into how interconnected we all are, with both each other, and every other living thing, and feel that my heart just might crack open with love at the beauty of that single, extraordinary fact.

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